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Election Day Incidents; 12 Voters Die in Guerrero

Election day was clouded by two separate incidents Sunday-

In Guerrero an attack by an armed group against two families who were going to vote, killed 12 people

In Chiapas one vehicle accident which killed seven people who were also on their way to vote in Chiapas,

The attack occurred when a family traveling in a Nissan pick up was ambushed. 12 people died, including a child and the regent of Coahuayutla PRD, Macario Rivera Lozano. Two more were injured and five left undamaged.

The death of seven persons in a vehicle on their way to vote in the community of San Isidro Las Banderas, Pantepec municipality, Chiapas was also reported. 13 others were injured in the mishap.

Other Minor Incidents and Complaints-
The substitution of election officials caused the delay in opening the boxes in most states, causing many complaints.

The day was marked by accusations between the PAN and the PRI on the purchase of votes.
In Querétaro, voters said they had received messages on their cell phones with slogans in favor of the PVEM, Menchaca and in Cologne, a man was arrested for shooting into the air.

In Campeche there was an altercation between supporters of the PRI and PAN in section 19, in addition to vote-buying operations almost a walk from the ballot box, as well as voter intimidation.

In Colima, the lack of staff, opened the boxes up to two hours late and a candidate of the PT reported that the indelible ink was changed because it was erased.

In Nuevo Leon, authorities reported said that PANistas were inducing the vote in the Las Huertas de Guadalupe neighborhood in Monterrey, and the PAN reported armed men who tried to scare voters in the town of Juarez.

In Oaxaca, people and authorities of the community of Saint Helena burned a parcel of the electoral on the decision of the community assembly.

In Puebla, the Attorney Justice Victor Perez confirmed that the municipalities of East Chignahuapan arrested 14 people for “black propaganda” against the PRI and in Culiacan, a PANista regent was recorded offering gifts to voters.

Ataque a votantes deja 12 muertosEl Universal July 7, 2009.

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