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El Teo’s close allie among those arrested in BC

A close friend of Teodoro Garcia Simental “el Teo” or “el Tres Letras” to whom authorities placed as a link Sinaloa cartel in Tijuana, is among the 21 people detained by federal forces in the port of Ensenada last Tuesday.

Although no one who participated in the operation has confirmed this report, it was learned that this individual was identified as Candelario Aguirre, who confessed to “cooking” synthetic drug in clandestine laboratories located in the city.

The arrest of this subject and 20 others, including a woman and members of a group of Norteño music occured last Tuesday afternoon in Ensenada, when they were about to board a small yacht.

Witnesses reported that before the arrival of the dozens of soldiers, sailors and officers from the ministerial police, the suspects threw away their cell phones at sea, apparently to get rid of evidence.

Apparently an anonymous call that warned about the presence of armed men led to police intervention.

The detainees were moved to Tijuana where they were referred to the facilities of the Second Military Zone, and it was expected that they would be presented to the media on Wednesday , but they were not.

Martinez, Julietta. “Presunto compadre del Teo, entre detenidos en BCEl Universal July 1, 2009.

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