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“El Padrino,” the Leader of CIDA, is Caught

03/07/11 – One of the top leaders of the “Cártel Independiente de Acapulco (CIDA)” named Benjamín Flores Reyes, known by the alias “El Padrino,” was caught yesterday by federal agents in Guerrero.  He has been charged with distributing drugs, and coordinating and ordering kidnappings and homicides against the people who live by the port of Acapulco.  He is also suspected of corrupting state and local police officers.  In addition to Flores Reyes, six more cartel members were also caught and arrested.  Police confiscated a number of arms as well as 10 wrappings full of unknown substances, 18 cell phones, 3 laptops, 3 scales, and 4 notebooks and other documentation that was found in their possession.  The other six have been identified as  Abraham González Rivera, 27, Jonathan Jason Rosas Navarrete, 19, Ulises Gil Guadarrama Salmerón “el Güero”, 22, Jonathan Cruz Benítez, 25, Leonardo Fierro Chona, alias “Leo”, 25, and Evelyn Ocampo Montero, 30.

According to official police reports, Flores Reyes joined CIDA two years ago after meeting Isidro Juárez Solís, “El Kirry,” who worked for Gamaliel Aguirre Tavira, “El Güero Huetamo.”  Juárez Solís had offered him a job as an informer, in which he succeeded at through his taxi service company.  Flores Reyes was able to recruit many different taxi drivers who operated in the main streets of Acapulco to follow suit and work as informants for the cartel’s behalf.


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