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Eight men executed in the municipal of Loma Bonita, Oaxaca

08/16/10 – Unknown assailants in the municipal of Loma Bonita, Oaxaca, shot eight young adults to death while they were on their way to hunt. The bodies were found last night near a pineapple plantation in the community of Tierra Alta. They were piled on top of each other inside of a black Chevrolet truck. A group of individuals passing by spotted the truck and reported the finding to authorities, mobilizing police agents and Army soldiers.

According to the Secretary of Public Security of Oaxaca (Secretario de Seguridad Pública de Oaxaca), Javier Rueda, the young men went out hunting on Saturday night and their bodies were located on Sunday. He also mentioned that they believe the attack was directed towards two of the individuals and that the rest were killed as witnesses. The Attorney General of Oaxaca, María de la Luz Candelaria Chiñas, said she is almost certain to know the identities of the perpetrators due to the testimony of a surviving witness.

The victims were identifies as:

1.    José Segundo Lozano (48-years-old)
2.    Genaro Segundo Cortez  (15-yrs-old)
3.    Ciriaco Córdoba Segundo (believed to be 30-years-old)
4.    Humberto Córdoba Segundo (believed to be 22-years-old)
5.    Pedro Luis García Segundo (believed to be 33-years-old)
6.    Gustavo Hernández Torres(believed to be 25-years-old)
7.    Alberto Rivadeneira Vera (27-yrs-old)
8.    Isaí “N” “N” (age not given)

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