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Eight members of the drug cartel “La Familia” captured

This Thursday the Federal Police (Policía Federal) reported the capture of eight people linked to the drug cartel  “La Familia Michoacana,” an act that occurred the 19  on the Valle de Bravo-Toluca freeway in the municipality of Donato Guerra, Mexico State. According to a press release generated by the Secretariat if Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública), the eight subjects were heavily armed and were thus approached for identification and disarmament. In an attempt to flee they were arrested.

At the time of transfer, the eight individuals reported that they were waiting for another group also linked to the cartel “La Familia”  in order to complete a job entrusted to them. Authorities secured several guns and pistols of various calibers and more than 400 cartridges.

The eight are believed to be Ciriaco Flores Andrés, Federico Peña Victoria, Simón de Jesús Álvarez, Miguel Martínez de Jesús, Guillermo Peña Arzate, Simón Peña Flores, Higinio Flores Sebastián, and Dionisio Flores Sebastián.


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