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Eight Killed in Attack on Durango Mayor

Mayor Ernesto Núñez Rodríguez. Photo: El Bravo.

11/26/12 – In the 4,800 person town of Indé, Durango, armed men attacked Mayor Ernesto Núñez Rodríguez’ ranch on November 18th. They attempted to kidnap multiple friends, relatives, and employees of the mayor, killing eight. Núñez Rodríguez has filed a complaint with state and municipal police, blaming them directly for the murders. He alleges that the attack was facilitated by the Sinaloa drug cartel, which has dominated the region for a long time. Various members of Núñez Rodríguez’ family have provided corroborating eye-witness accounts that identify the attackers as local police officers.

Among those who lost their lives in the attack were two of Núñez Rodríguez’ nephews and a niece, who worked in the local cattle industry. René Núñez Garay was 28-years old, Juan Ángel Núñez Salas was 19, and Luis Antonio Tinoco Chávez was 22. Two veterinarians were also killed, Luis Uriel García Talavera, 49, and José Guadalupe Ortega Valdez, 29. Additionally, a woman who was three months pregnant and a four-year old child were also found dead in the residence, apparently killed in a fire sparked by a grenade. One additional victim has not yet been identified, and the names of five other victims reported to be Núñez Rodríguez’ family members have not yet been released. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.


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