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Deputies urge for better measures to address nationwide impunity

According to the newspaper, El Universal, only 15 out of 100 crimes are reported in Mexico, leaving 85 crimes and criminals in impunity. There has been concern about this situation from federal deputies who state they feel it is an obligation to strengthen preventative measures in order to avoid the ever increasing crime rate.

Humberto Benítez Treviño and Carlos Alberto Pérez Cuevas, president and member (respectively), of the commission of the Justice Committee for the LXI Legislature, both pronounced their favor and support of the creation of the National Institute for Crime Prevention. This institute allows for the control of crimes committed in the country.

Treviño, a priísta, who presented the initiative to create the institute, stated that it was a move towards the systematization of all actions in matters relating to crime prevention. He urged for the implementation of a national prevention strategy that begins with promotion against crime from home, continues in school, and is practiced in life.

According to Treviño 60% of crimes are committed within a familiar setting because there is no one to educate children. This situation is largely because of economic issues as mothers have to work, yet he states, “although that is no justification, in any case it’s an explanation of what is happening in the society of the third millennium.” Cuevas stated his assurance that the PAN would adhere to this initiative as it will permit the improvement of correspondence and joint responsibility between authorities and Mexican society.


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