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Death of Paulette Gebara ruled an accident

In a press conference Lizette Farah, the mother of Paulette Gebara, requested that authorities explain the results of the investigations and the surveys done by the Mexico State Attorney General (Procuraduría de Justicia del Estado de México- PGJEM) in the case of the death of her daughter. Her daughter, Paulette Farah Gebara, was reported missing on March 22 by her parents and was found dead seven days later, on March 31, in her own bedroom. Paulette’s death was ruled an accident.

Farah reported that she has been denied three injunctions in her request to review the records of the investigation done by the PGJEM.”I want the record, I want to see it, I want them to explain to me why they arrived to those conclusions,” she said. Farah went on to affirm that if the authorities had spent their time looking for her daughter and not a culprit they would have found her sooner. She clarified that it is not that she does not believe in the PGJEM results, but that what she wants is an expert explanation that she can understand, and that such explanation is not being given by the Attorney Alberto Bazbaz.

Farah said that her life ended morally after being subjected to the investigation into the death of her daughter, yet she does not feel any resentment towards the media that covered the case and accused her even if she does believe that the PGJEM rushed accusations on those presumed responsible. She also noted that although she may not agree with the results, she is at peace knowing her daughter was not violated.

Mexico’s Secretary of Interior, Fernando Gómez-Mont (secretario de Gobernación), explained that the judgment by Alberto Bazbaz, that established the death of Paulette Gebara Farah as an accident, leaves more doubts than certainty, pointing out that the Mexican justice system should move towards the professionalization of a security system rather than in doubt in order to punish those responsible for crimes and efficiently fight crime.

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