Crime and Violence

Deadly confrontation between presumed narcotraffickers and Mexican army elements


According to an article by La Jornada, there were two separate confrontations between narcotraffickers and Federal Police and Military, leaving three gunmen dead and a total of ten people injured. It was reported that six of the individuals injured were agents, two were soldiers, and two more are believed to be hired assassins. The encounters took place in Gómez Palacio, Durango. The first encounter took place at 7:30am on September 3rd in the housing complex of Hamburgo, when armed individuals came upon a group of soldiers patrolling the area. The soldiers were part of the Tenth Military Region.  During this altercation a civilian, in a Cherokee with reinforced doors, was killed. Officers found assault rifles in that same Cherokee.

The second confrontation took place around 12 noon, when another group of presumed narcotraffickers attacked elements of the Federal police force, in the same area. There has been some confusion as two the number of individuals injured and killed.


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