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Daily newspaper building attacked in Torreón

The State Attorney General’s office of Coahuila (Fiscalía General del Estado de Coahuila—FGEC) reported an attack on the daily newspaper building of Noticias de El Sol de la Laguna, that the Organization Editorial Mexicana  edits in the municipal of Torreón, by two unknown individuals. According to the online news source La Crónica de Hoy, the attack occurred yesterday around 13:00 hours on Bulevar Constitución.

The attackers were traveling in a black vehicle when firing at the building. The receptionist, who is pregnant, was injured but is in good condition. Hours later two police officers who were patrolling the building were shot at in another drive by and were injured. They were taken  to the hospital immediately after. The second time around the armed attackers traveled in three vehicles.  It is believed that organized crime is involved.


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