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Dad confesses to giving up his children to pay off debt

Javier Covarrubias González, 20, confessed to handing over his two children to pay off a debt of nearly $2,000 (USD). The children, ages 1 and 2, were given to a woman who goes by the name of “La Lupe” along with diapers, baby bottles, and clothes; they have not been seen since then.

In an effort to cover up his actions, González claimed that his children had been kidnapped after being beaten by a group of men. This claim, however, contradicted the evidence found through an investigation done by authorities which concluded that his wounds had been self-inflicted. Video surveillance of where the attack had supposedly taken place showed no signs of him ever walking with his children.

The  children’s mother, Irma Merino, asked leaders of the local community to help organize a demonstration to raise awareness of the disappearance and to encourage local authorities to make the case a top priority. Frustrated with the recent disappearances of other children as well, protesters began to show violent behavior that led to the arrests of 77 people, 31 of whom were underage.

González was detained earlier this weekend in Jacala, Hidalgo where he had fled. According to authorities, his confession was made soon after in the presence of his attorney. He faces charges that may put him in jail for a minimum of five years. The search for the missing children is ongoing.


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