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Transforming the criminal courts in Guanajuato

10/29/10 – As of the first of September 2011, the state criminal courts of Guanajuato will be transformed for the implementation of the new criminal justice system. According to judges Alfonso Fragoso and Carlos Mario Téllez, representatives of the judiciary, the role of  a “judge that resides in an office that operates as a court” will be eliminated. The Attorney General’s Office will create a court for each of the four regions that divide the state. This same division will then be used for the gradual implementation of the new system. Each municipal will have units that will depend on the regional court. Each court will have 12 judges who will be able to perform different tasks.

Plinio Martínez, judicial coordinator of the state government (coordinador Jurídico de Gobierno del Estado), recalled that Article 4 of the initiative states: “In each of the four Regions anticipated in the first transitional article of the Criminal Procedural Code of the State of Guanajuato «Ley del Proceso Penal para el Estado de Guanajuato», there will be a court integrated by the units and sub-units «sedes y subsedes» that determines the Judicial Council «Consejo del Poder Judicial».” According to Téllez, each court will be composed of 12 plural judges, that is to say trail or execution.


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