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Controversial journalist murdered in Chihuahua

According to La Jornada, local authorities reported that Noberto Miranda Madrid, a reporter who wrote about security issues, was gunned down and assassinated by an armed group in Casa Grandes, Chihuahua. Miranda Madrid had over 15 years of experience, ran the webpage Radio Visión, published his column “El Gallito” in newspapers, and was an experienced TV reporter and radio broadcaster. According to witnesses, at around 10:00 p.m on Wednesday, a group of at least five heavily armed men charged into the communication center and killed Miranda Madrid. In the past week Miranda Madrid had written articles concerning public security in the north east region of the state, most notably in Casa Grandes, where at least 25 people have been killed since September. Unfortunately, Miranda Madrid is not the first reporter to be subject to such threats. La Jornada also cites that in May 2008 another reporter received death threats and went on to seek political asylum in the United States. Chihuahua is also the most violent state in Mexico, according to La Jornada, with drug cartels control of local markets and routes leading to the U.S. With such threats and dangers facing journalists, it may become more and more difficult for the public to obtain information about criminal activities in the state.


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