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Contract-Killers captured following deadly confrontation with police officers

In Monterrey, Nuevo León, three contract-killers were apprehended and presented to the media in a press conference held by Luis Cárdenas Palomino, the Coordinator of Regional Security for the Federal Police (El coordinador de Seguridad Regional de la Policía Federal).

Eliud Vázquez Jasso, “El bufón”; Juan Antonie Pintor López, “El Pelón”; and Emilio Silvestre Rodríguez Coronado were captured following an exchange of gunfire between police which resulted in the death of two policemen and the injury of another on Wednesday. Firearms and explosives were seized during the capture.

The vehicle in which the three men traveled had been marked as suspicious and required further examination. When the request was denied, a pursuit ensued between the men and the police officers for a few miles until they were reached. Immediately thereafter, a black truck appeared and began firing upon the police officers. The three men were captured soon after fleeing the scene.

Soon after, the Federal Police (La Policía Federal) coordinated a search by land and air for those responsible for the death of the police officers. Residencies in Lomas de Satélite, just south of Monterrey, were searched early Wednesday morning but resulted in no further captures.

During the press conference, Luis Cárdenas Palomino emphasized that large criminal organizations recruit juveniles by the means of promising easy money and access to illegal drugs – many of whom which already have an addiction.


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