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15 narcopolice consigned in Tabasco

The Attorney General of Tabasco, Rafael González Lastra, consigned 15 police officers to the Centro de Readaptación Social del estado (Creset). The apprehensions of these officers took place in the municipal of Huimanguill, for allegedly having ties to organized crime. Arturo Aragón Otañez, director of the municipal police is said to have headed the 15 officers. The crime committed by the officers would be aggravated criminal association because of alleged ties to the group Los Zetas. On the other hand, a group of PRD leaders and militants, headlined by the Mayor of Huimanguillo and the state leader José Ramiro López Obrador, initiated a walk which began at the municipality with direction to the capital, in protest to the capture of this group of presumed “narcopolice”. Prominent figures such as Mayors Javier May, Salvador Aquino and William Cabrera are said to participate in the three day walk.


Barboza, Roberto . “Consignan a 15 narcopolicías en Tabasco – Dirigentes y militantes del PRD iniciaron una caminata en protesta por la aprehensión de los uniformados.” El Universal. August 27, 2009.

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