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Community members of Ascensión kill two kidnappers


09/24/10 – On Tuesday of this week, two kidnappers, both of which were minors, were killed by an estimated 400 members of the Ascensión community in the state of Chihuahua. Federal Police and Army elements were able to rescue the individuals before the multitude managed to beat the young boys to death. However, the crowd managed to prevent Federal Police officers from transporting the two severely beat kidnappers to a hospital, which lead to their deaths.

At around 08:45 hours members of the Ascensión community began a pursuit of six men that had kidnapped a 17-year-old girl after a failed attempt to kidnap a restaurant owner. When the kidnappers realized that the owner of the restaurant was not there, they kidnapped a cashier, who managed to escape, and the young girl. While being pursued the vehicle of the kidnappers crashed into a ditch. This allowed the rescue of the girl.  According to official reports, the kidnappers were then captured and beat by the mob.  Although the soldiers managed to save the kidnappers and secure three, the mob prohibited the patrol car containing 16-year-old Andrés Ramírez and 17-year-old Raymundo Rascón Ortega from being taken to the police station or hospital.

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