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CJF Creates 3 New Seats for Execution Judges

06/17/11 – The Federal Judiciary Council (Consejo de la Judicatura Federal, CJF) has created three new openings for “execution judges” (jueces de ejecución) in the District Specializing in Execution of Penalties (Distrito Especializado en Ejecución de Penas).  The three individuals will be located in Tlalnepantla de Baz, State of Mexico and will be starting their posts promptly on Sunday June 19.  The primary responsibility of execution judges is to determine the “fullfilment, modification and duration” of penalties given to criminals who have committed federal offenses.  Execution judges solely focus on ensuring the proper execution of criminal penalties in post-sentencing cases.  They do not participate in oral hearings.

This decision, which was approved by the Plenary Council, was made as a result of failure to comply with amendments made to the Federal Law of the Penitenciary System (Ley Federal del Sistema Penitenciario).  These amendments consisted of structural changes made to the penal code.  The additional openings for judges were created in order to advance the implementation of the amendments in a more efficient manner so as to be in compliance with the federal regulations.


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