Crime and Violence

Civil organizations estimate over 1,200 minors killed as result of organized crime

10/26/10 – A group of civil organizations banded together and asked for the United Nations to intervene in the current war against drugs for the main purpose of protecting children in danger of becoming ‘collateral damage’ as a result of the violence.  The call to action comes after the massacre of 14 people at a birthday party for a teenage boy in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. The group also asked for other organizations – such as UNICEF and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights – to create a strong presence within the city.

According to the group, the total amount of children killed nationwide is over 1,200 since December of 2006 with 138 of those deaths having occurred in Ciudad Juárez. Organizations participating in the group include Ririki Intervención Social, Incide Social, Marabunta, Cauce Ciudadano, Serapaz, Frente Plural Ciudadano, and Consejo Ciudadano para el Desarrollo Social.


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