Crime and Violence

CISEN claims that crime prevention in México needs improvement as indicated by their statistics

08/03/10 – Guillermo Valdés, director for the Center of Investigation and National Security (Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional – CISEN) presented to President Felipe Calderón statistics that indicate how violent the country has been since the war against drugs started.  The address was made in front of journalists as well as business  and social leaders during the second day of the Dialogue for Security meeting.

Valdés claimed that during Calderón’s presidency term, advances to prevent money laundering have been insufficient; the process of training police to act in a professional manner has been slow; the awarding of resources from the United States has also been slow; and advancements for preventing kidnappings and extortion have been insufficient.

According to information from CISEN presented by Valdés, there have been 963 public confrontations between police and armed groups. The statistics indicate that there has been about one confrontation every day for the last three years. Over 28,000 people have been killed.

From December 1, 2006 through July 31, 2010 there have been 34,699 vehicles seized: the cost of all seizures has been nearly $600 million. During the previous presidency, 13,000 vehicles were seized.

The seizure of money has increased by a thousand percent from the previous administration and the value of seized drugs is several billion dollars.


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