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Children traumatized by drug war violence


Schools in Tujuana, Cuidad Juarez, and Monterrey have witnessed drug cartel violence in nearby streets.  “Children are scared and we have pupils with very serious emotional crises,” said Laura Elena Carrion, a teacher at a school in Tijuana, where children witnessed a killing this month. 

Cartels are beginning to break honor codes when children are killed, 20 in 2008.  Children have begun to use graphic drug gang slang and words like “shootout” and “massacre” are common among young children. 

Something must be done, “These children are seeing the violence and hearing the songs that glorify drug gangs. They are going to grow up wanting to be drug lords,” said Hector Favio Henao, a church leader in Tijuana.

Lizbeth Diaz, 3/31/09

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