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Charges of embezzlement brought against former Aguascalientes governor and former colleagues

Former Governor of Aguascalientes Reynoso Femat. Photo: Azteca Noticias.
Former Governor of Aguascalientes Luis Armando Reynoso Femat. Photo: Azteca Noticias.

10/07/13 (written by cmolzahn) – An Aguascalientes judge has indicted a former governor of that state, Luis Armando Reynoso Femat of the National Action Party (Partido de Acción Nacional, PAN), on charges of embezzlement. Reynoso Femat had appeared before the court on September 11, at which time he requested a 72-hour period to present evidence refuting the claims against him, and paid a 9 million-peso ($688,000 USD) bond. He then failed to do so, resulting in the apprehension order. The case is being handled by the Aguascalientes Attorney General’s Office (Procuraduría General de Justicia de Aguascalientes, PGJE).

The former governor, who served between 2004 and 2010, is accused of helping to arrange the illegal sale in 2009 of 100,000 square meters of state-owned property to a developer for an estimated 17% of its market value. Moreover, the land was not used for residential purposes as zoned, but rather for commercial development. Also implicated in the illegal sale were Luis Gerardo del Muro Caldera, public works secretary under Reynoso Femat and currently a fugitive; and Alberto Serna Dávila, former director of the state housing authority (Instituto de Vivienda), who is currently undergoing criminal proceedings. Most recently, the same Aguascalientes court indicted Beatriz Cañizo Cosío, former secretary of social development (secretaria de Desarrollo Social, SEDESO) during Reynoso Femat’s tenure. Cañizo Cosío was granted her request to remain out of prison for the time being, but was made to pay a 10 million-peso ($764,000 USD) bond and is required to appear before the court again when criminal proceedings continue.

Attention has since turned to Reynoso Femat’s daughter, Graciela Reynoso López, who has posted pictures and videos on social media of a luxurious trip she made to Dubai, where the family is said to have a condominium. The most widely disseminated images show Graciela in a pool atop a Dubai high-rise with sweeping views of the city, and with a friend, both donning burkas, carrying shopping bags. A video also shows her on a luxury yacht. News of Reynoso Femat’s daughter comes just months after an investigation was opened into his son, Luis Armando Reynoso López, who is facing allegations of illicit enrichment. Like his sister, Luis Armando is famous for his eccentric nature and for being outspoken about his wealth through social media.


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