Justice in Mexico

Cavazos Leal is found dead in Nuevo León

08/18/10 – Cavazos Leal, Mayor of the city of Santiago, Nuevo León, was found dead early Wednesday morning. Cavazos was found handcuffed and blindfolded on a road leading to the colony of Cola de Caballo located in the southwest area of Santiago.

He failed to show up for work early Monday morning and was reported as missing after his colleagues were unable to get in contact with him. It was later reported that a group of gunmen had kidnapped him from his home on Sunday night; he had supposedly given his personal bodyguards that day off.

President Felipe Calderón released the following statement via his Twitter account, “The death of Edelmiro outrages us and obligates us to intensify the fight against these cowardly criminals who threaten the public.”


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