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Catholic archdiocese of México blames the economic crisis for leading many young people into organized crime

08/02/10 – In an editorial featured in the latest issue of the weekly Catholic magazine, Desde la Fe, the archdiocese of México claimed that the economic crisis that has plagued the country has led many young people to become involved in organized crime. The archdiocese stated the following, “The labor situation is so grave that organized crime has become the greatest employment for young people in the country.”

According to the editorial, those who do not wish to become involved with organized crime choose to immigrate into the United States where, “…society is increasingly intolerant and racist.” The editorial also states that the “American dream” no longer exists.

The Archbishop of México, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, claimed during his Sunday mass that justice is bought by money in México. The outspoken claims come a week after a Catholic priest in Oaxaca, Carlos Wotto, was murdered in his church.


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