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Calderón addresses the IV Presidential Report

Foto: Reforma

09/02/10 – In his national address regarding the IV Presidential Report, President Felipe Calderón stated it was possible to effectively combat the problems the country faces, specifically the drug violence, he stated, “It is possible subdue delinquency, it is possible to achieve the security that we want for ourselves, it is possible to eradicate extreme poverty (…) it is possible to achieve universal health coverage, we are about to achieve it.”

During the address Calderón called on Congress to approve the initiative that will be sent in the coming days that would create a single police force, as well as the initiative sent to combat money laundering. He stressed that there are several pending initiatives such as the Firearms Act, the military justice code, and other national security reforms.

The president concluded by issuing a decree in which actions are being established so that as of 2011 the analogue television signal be changed to a digital signal no later then December of 2015, a task that would be assigned to the Federal Telecommunication Commission (Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones).

According to the online news source El Universal, the report is a total of 58 pages, nine of which constitute the introduction, index, and a legal page. The first and most abundant issue examined in the report is the Rule of Law and Public Security  (Estado de Derecho y Seguridad Pública), with a total of twelve pages. The report also looks at the economy, employment, infrastructure, the Bicentenario, and sustainable development.

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