Justice in Mexico

Body Found In Santiago

02/04/11 – The body of a dead man was found buried inside a hole in the city of Santiago, which is located in the border state of Nuevo León.  His body was covered with bullet holes and markings that indicate clear signs of torture.  15 bullet holes were counted on his front side and 4 to the face.  Neighboring residents have told investigators that they heard gun shots the night before but it was not until today that someone reported the incident for investigation.  The victim, a man who appears to be about 35 years of age, continues to remain unidentified.  The “Servicio Médico Forense”  (Forensic Medical Service) has transported the body to a local hospital.


El Milenio.  “Encuentran un ejecutado enbrecha de Santiago, NL.”  El Milenio.  04 February, 2011.

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