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Bodily Remains found on Property Belonging to “El Pozolero”

Mexican drug suspect Santiago Meza, known as 'El Pozolero,' or 'The Stew Maker', is presented to the media in Mexico City (Photo credit: Fox News)

04/12/11 – 3 graves full of bodily remains have been found on property that once belonged to Jose Santiago Meza, alias “El Pozolero,” the same man who confessed a few years ago to dissolving at least 300 bodies in acid. Miguel Angel Guerrero, head of the Baja California State Prosecutors’ Office on Disappearances said the remains were dug up in a ranch in Eastern Tijuana that used to belong to Meza. At least 35 bone fragments and 20 tooth fragments have been found and some of them appear to be charred and burnt. The remains are believed to belong to missing people that have been victims of narco-trafficking violence. Since 1997, almost 300 people have disappeared in Tijuana, some of whose remains may be able to be identified by the recently found fragments, hopes the Tijuana-based Citizen’s Association Against Impunity.

“El Pozolero” confessed to treating the bodies of these “prisoners” with acid under orders from Teodoro García Simental, “El Teo,” and for a salary of $600 a week in what became known as one of the cruelest incidents that has occurred due to control over narco-trafficking routes in Tijuana. In January 2009 when Meza was detained, he admitted that he was not the only one who partook in these kind of activities. “Pozole” is a form of hominy stew, made with corn processed with caustic soda.  Meza purportedly used a similar process to dissolve his victims.


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