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Blurred lines between Federal Police and Organized Crime

Three Federal Police agents were arrested and accused of delivering information to criminal gangs in exchange for money. At the time of arrest, one of the federal policemen had $271,000 pesos in his possession, which the federal Secretary of Public Security (SSP) presumed were part of the most recent payment he received for providing information about the whereabouts of the authorities to organized crime groups concerning the movement of the federal police. All three officers are part of the Federal Support Forces, assigned to Lazaro Cardenas of Michoacan.

The SSP did not specify which of the criminal organizations that are working in Michoacan are alleged to have infiltrated the corporation. Currently, there is a presence of various principal drug cartels in the state, including La Familia Michoacan, the Sinaloa cartel, Los Zetas, and others. The federal SSP did state that the investigations against these agents has allowed for the development of knowledge of who is providing information to criminal groups in exchange for economic benefits. The agents arrested  included Juan Manuel Pineda Barroteran, 33, from Aguascalientes, NCO of the FFA, Ericko Munoz Martinez, 38, from Veracruz, assistant officer of the FFA, and Isidro Pascual Pineda, 37, of Veracruz, officer in the  FFA. The prosecuting authority has access to the arrested agents so that further investigations may be carried out.


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