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Bar attacks in Guadalajara leave eight dead, including one U.S. citizen

* Due to technical difficulties, the publication of this article was delayed from its original postdate of April 9, 2013.

Interior of one of the bars attacked in Guadalajara. Photo: Prodigy Noticias.
Interior of one of the bars attacked in Guadalajara. Photo: Prodigy Noticias.

04/09/13 – (by gomeznathalie) On Sunday, March 31, armed gunman in Guadalajara launched separate attacks on two bars­−Bar Ruta 66 and Bar Gol−leaving eight dead and approximately 17 injured, as reported by representatives of the Attorney General’s Office in the state of Jalisco (Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado, PGJE).

The first attack took place at Bar Ruta 66 when a single gunman entered the establishment and opened fire on the on the employees and customers. Witnesses reported that an explosive device detonated, which authorities confirmed upon discovering fragments of a grenade at the scene. Just 15 minutes later at a bar only 15 blocks from Bar Ruta 66, an individual gunman entered Bar Gol, opening fire on clients and employees in a similar attack, although no explosives were used in the latter. The suspect reportedly fled the scene in a blue SUV. A U.S. citizen was one of the individuals killed in the Bar Gol attack, although his companion was unharmed.

Although unconfirmed, officials have suggested the attacks were likely linked, given that the two owners of the bars−who were unharmed in the shootings−are related, that 9mm bullet casings were found at both locations, and that the high caliber of weapons used in both attacks indicate the work of criminal organizations. Authorities also believe that the establishments were the targets, not necessarily the customers inside. Jorge Villasenor, spokesperson for the regional office of the public prosecutor in Jalisco, added that the attacks could have been perpetrated by individuals traveling in the same vehicle, although investigations are still ongoing.

The attacks on the two bars in Guadalajara came just two days after the bar attack in Chihuahua on March 29 that resulted in the deaths of seven people.


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