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Baja California Ranks Third in Kidnappings

According to a recent report by the National System of Public Security (SNSP)- Baja California is the third state with the highest rates of kidnapping.

The report also revealed that kidnapping continues to grow. The State of Mexico remains as the entity with the highest rate of kidnappings in the country, with 109 cases reported.

Chihuahua, with 103 and Baja California with 83 remain on the list of states with the greatest instances of kidnappings, according to data provided by local authorities themselves.

774 kidnappings were reported in the country between September to April, , nearly 9% higher than those recorded in the period eight months prior, reported the executive secretary of the National System of Public Security (SNSP), Jorge Tello Peon.

Between January and August last year, 712 kidnappings were reported, a figure that led the authorities of the three levels of government to meet last year on August 21 to discuss actions to counter the crime.

Since then, however, there is an average of 3.2 kidnappings daily in the country.

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