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Attorney General’s office in DF updates information on detainees through computer screens

The Attorney General’s office of the Federal District has placed computer screens in several offices so that members of the public can search for information about who has been detained and track where detainees are in the investigative process. The program is called “Ministerio Publico Transparente,” and it is supposed to provide a more open process so that people can find out where their friends or family members are in the judicial process up to the point when they are either charged or freed. The information provided includes the detainee’s name, case number, the reason for the detention, the date of the start of the process and the person’s legal status. The screens also use a color code, with green signifying the person has been released, yellow meaning that the person’s status is pending and red showing that the person has been formally detained. The screens have been installed in seven regional offices as well as in the main headquarters. However, the system is expected to expand to 70 other areas.

From the July Justice in Mexico Project’s Monthly News Report:



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