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Arrests were made in the recent kidnapping case of four journalists

08/05/10 – Three men were arrested for kidnapping three of the four journalists that first disappeared on July 26. The four journalists were kidnapped after covering a prison riot in Gómez Placio, Durango; all four were later released through police operations. One of the arrested men gave their reason for taking the journalists, “to ensure the dissemination of messages through the media to denounce alleged corruption of local authorities in favor of antagonistic groups.”

One of the arrested, Jesús Antonio “el Yesi” Villa Nevarez, was in charge of controlling and selling illicit drugs in different municipalities throughout the state of Durango for the Pacífico Sur cartel. Another of the arrested men, Gilverto “el Gil” Cervantes Pinto, was in charge of carrying out homicide orders and kidnappings in Durango as well. The third individual taken into custody, Óscar Manuel Gutiérrez Gómez, participated in said operations.

The first man was arrested in a safe house in Gómez Palacio presumed to have belonged to the Pacífico Sur cartel. The other two were found in the outskirts of the cities Gómez Palacio and Torreón. Both men shot at the police forces as they closed in on their location. Jesús Nevarez was the only one injured in the shootout.

Police recovered a luggage bag that had a camera, microphone, and personal documents that belong to the journalists. They also confiscated a car, three motorcycles, three handguns, cell phones, handcuffs, and identification cards.


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