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Armed comando attack police in Monterrey

At around 2:00am local time a group of armed individuals attacked the Plaza de Arco hotel in Monterrey where federal police had been patrolling. The individuals riding inside of two trucks and one car began firing upon the front of the building with rifles and threw one grenade inside the hotel lobby that failed to detonate.

Experts from the State Investigation Agency (Agencia Estatal de Investigaciones – AEI) retrieved the grenade with a special bag to avoid accidental detonation.  There have been no reports of arrests for those responsible in the attack despite a local search.

This incident comes one day after a leader from The Zetas (Los Zetas), Héctor Raúl Luna Luna (El Tory), was captured in Monterrey. Blockades made by armed groups throughout the city were previous forms retaliation made yesterday.


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