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Another Michoacan public official arrested on suspicion of ties to traffickers

Mexican federal police officers detained Armando Medina Torres, the mayor of the municipality of Mujica, Michoacan, on suspicion of ties to drug traffickers. The Sept. 4 arrest was made possible through an arrest warrant granted by a judge. Medina Torres was detained in his office at the municipality’s city hall and was immediately flown to a Jalisco prison to face charges there.

Medina Torres is suspected of collaborating with the drug trafficking group known as “La FamiliaMichoacana.” His was the latest arrest that appears to be linked to the investigation that resulted in the detainment of 11 Michoacan mayors in May. Of that group, eight were formally charged with drug-related crimes.

Most of the detainees have been members of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which has lead to some accusations of partisanship on behalf of the ruling National Action Party (PAN).  Five of the mayors detained since May are members of the PRI, including Medina Torres. The PRI state party office has started a fund to assist the ex-mayors.

Meanwhile, a Mexican congressman-elect from Michoacan, who faces similar charges in relation to the investigation, remains missing. Julio Cesar Godoy, the brother of the state’s governor, would have been able to hold immunity if he had registered for Congress and been sworn in on Sept. 1. However, Godoy never turned up to claim his post. Congressional leaders ruled that Godoy may not register for office until his judicial situation is resolved. Godoy and his brother are members of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (Partido de la RevoluciónDemocrática, PRD).


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