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Alejandro Poiré Named New Interior Minister of Mexico

Alejandro Poiré has been named the new Interior Minister in place of fallen former minister Francisco Blake Mora. Source: El Porvenir

11/18/11 – On Thursday November 17, President Calderón announced Alejandro Poiré Romero, former spokesperson to the president and current intelligence chief, as the new Interior Minister (Secretario de Gobernación) to the fallen former minister, Francisco Blake Mora. Blake Mora was killed along with seven others in a helicopter crash in Chaleco on November 11. Mexico has ruled out engine failure as a cause of the crash and suggests that the poor weather and reduced visibility could have been responsible. According to CNN, President Calderón paid tribute to the Interior Minister in a memorial service calling Blake Mora, “a great Mexican who deeply loved his country and served until the last moment of his life.” Read more about his death here.

With the appointment of Blake Mora’s replacement, Calderón said that Poiré, former Harvard graduate, was selected specifically for his knowledge of security issues, politics, immigration, and the electoral process, the latter of which are especially important as Mexico will be holding elections in the upcoming year. Prior to being named to his new position, Poiré was the head of the Center for Investigation and National Security (Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional, Cisen). He also previously served on Calderón’s cabinet, and was the General Director of Political Analysis, the Technical Secretary of the National Security Council, and the spokesman for the National Security Strategy, reports the Mexican federal government’s homepage. According to NPR, in his new position, Poiré has promised to “strive to serve this administration and [his] country by working through dialogue, always recognizing and valuing different opinions, and seeking in this way to make progress on agreements and reforms, to contribute to harmony in our country.”


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