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Alejandro Poiré argues that Mexicans favor war on drugs

07/18/11 – Technical Secretary of the Council for National Security (Secretario Técnico del Consejo de Seguridad Nacional) Alejandro Poiré reported on Monday July 18 that most Mexicans support President Calderón’s military campaign against drug trafficking and drug related violence. He claims that the vast majority of the people had called for a stronger rule of law addressing the insecurity and violence in Mexico in 2001 and again 2006, expressing their opinion through a number of surveys and protests.

On the presidential website, Poiré updated the “10 Myths About Security” blog, a personal page wherein he addresses common misconceptions about the security strategy employed by Calderón’s administration. Monday’s entry ascertains that Mexicans explicitly requested a stronger rule of law. He argues, therefore, that they support Calderón’s current lead in reestablishing security.

“As human beings, we are disgusted by the violence that endangers our tranquility. Therefore, the government will combat it firmly,” added Poiré. He explained that in order to restore security, the government must take down the criminal infrastructure that has been empowered by kidnapping, fraud, and drug trafficking. He also noted that the dissatisfaction with Calderón’s efforts are not merely due to the strategy, but rather the results. The administration has been highly criticized as estimates report between 35,000 and 40,000 lives lost since the president’s military campaign began in 2006.


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  1. Insecurity and violence in Mexico is a fraud. The truth of the matter is that the United States’ failed war on drugs is being paid for with Mexican lives. The Calderón government is getting millions of dollars in aid to fight drug trafficking worth billions of dollars in drug sales in the United States. As long as U.S. citizens “support” illegal drugs by the continued purchase of black market drugs in this country no “military campaign against drug trafficking and drug related violence” in Mexico will ever be successful. The United States should legalize the sale and distribution of marijuana. In my opinion this single action would not only help secure the American/Mexican border but also save thousands of Mexican lives.

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