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Advisory council to shape new police force in DF

In an attempt to revamp the judicial police force and incorporate a unite specialized in investigation, the Attorney General of the Distrito Federal (PGJDF) will establish an advisory council composed of representatives from social sectors such as academics, civil servants, legislators and specialists. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa informed reporters that the advisory council will take charge of delineating the plans outlining the shape, operation and evaluation of the new police force.

In a press conference the spokesperson for the PGJDF affirmed that the 4 million 100 agents that currently make up the judicial police force will be submitted to a process of certification, evaluating whether or not the officers are suitable to form part of the new body. On top of this, the agents will need to take another test, establishing their continuance with the force. “Each and every one of the police officers has the possibility of entering the investigation police force. Those that comply with the parameters set (recommended) will form part of the unit, and those that don’t, the best solution will be sought”, he explained.


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