Justice in Mexico

A ransom of more than 20 million dollars paid for the release of Diego Fernández de Cevallos

10/14/10 – Sources close to the ex-senator Diego Fernández de Cevallos, alias el Jefe, told the online news source El Universal that he would be released by his kidnappers in the first week of November. He was kidnapped on the 14th of May. A sum of more than $20 million dollars was paid to the kidnappers for his release. The same sources mentioned that the kidnappers told his family that he would be released to them in forty days with his life. They also mentioned that he was depressed and sick but in stable conditions and that he should keep living without any problems. Part of the ransom was gathered by the immediate family, a few close friends, and by the selling of family property. As of today, Diego Fernández has spent 153 days in captivity. Since he was first kidnapped his captors have made their petitions public via social networks on three different occasions: May 19th, July 26th, and on September 13th.


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