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A kidnapped man escaped and led authorities to the whereabouts of a second man

09/07/10 – Early Tuesday morning, two men in Zapopan, Jalisco were liberated after having been kidnapped last Friday. While on patrol, police officers came across a man in handcuffs that claimed to have escaped while his captors slept. Local and state police worked collaboratively to liberate the second man at the residence that the escaped individual led them to.

Authorities were shot at as they approached the home located on the street San Nicolás de Bari; there are reports stating that at least two of the gunmen were injured as a result of gunfire. Following the brief shootout, police took into custody three men and liberated the second man held captive. The names of the three men are José Luis Cervantes Quevedo, 39; Martín Díaz Díaz, 29; and Raúl Pérez Vargas, 38. Items seized include two assault rifles, two handguns, ammunition, and money.


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