Justice in Mexico

A group of extortionists working for La Familia was detained in Michoacán

08/17/10 – Three people in Michoacán were detained after investigators suspected they were a part of a group working for the cartel La Familia. The three worked together as a team dedicated to extorting local businesses in the coastal region of Michoacán; their names are Román “el Turco” Campos Flores, Mario “el Conde” Peralta Sánchez, and Eleuteria Sosa Ochoa.

Campos Flores, 45, is considered the leader of the small group. At one point, Flores was an element of the Attorney General of the state of Guerrero (Procuraduría General de Justicia de Guerrero) for six years as well as a police officer in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas for fifteen years. Peralta Sánchez, 36, has a criminal record in the United States; in 2006, Sánchez was caught smuggling crystal meth. Sosa Ochoa, 45, was in charge of guarding weapons and renting at least 12 properties that were used by the cartel. Items seized include a pistol, grenade, ammunition, bags of marijuana and cocaine, and a truck.


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