Justice in Mexico

A director of municipal police in Sinaloa was kidnapped and found executed

08/24/10 – The director of municipal police in San Ignacio, Sinaloa, was kidnapped on Monday morning and executed a few hours later by an armed group. The director, Enrique Augusto Monsreal, and his bodyguard were fleeing in an SUV as they were being chased and shot at by the armed group. Monsreal’s bodyguard told investigators that they were fired upon by AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles as well as grenade launchers attached to those weapons.

Monsreal and his bodyguard were pursued until an explosion caused Monsreal to lose control of the vehicle and ultimately overturning it. The kidnappers seized the opportunity to disarm the bodyguard and take the director. Monsreal’s body was found just a few hours later in a cemetery located in the municipality of Elota, near the area that he was taken from; he had signs of having been tortured before being executed.

Monsreal had been director for only four months before being killed. The previous director, Rafael Gaxiola Peñuelas, was also killed months prior to Monsreal’s take over.


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