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A car bomb exploded outside of a Televisa news station in Ciudad Victoria

08/27/10 – In Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, two bombs exploded overnight in two different areas of the city. The first explosion occurred in front of the local Televisa news station; the second occurred at an office building some two kilometers away from the news station. Fortunately, no injuries or deaths were reported in either of the explosions.

The car bomb in front of the Televisa news station damaged the exterior of the building including its walls and an antenna. The damage to the antenna caused broadcasting issues throughout the night. The electricity in the surrounding area is reported to have been disrupted as well. Carlos Loret de Mola, an anchorman for the news station, confirmed via a Twitter message that no one in the building was injured by the explosion.

This is the third attack this month against the media company Televisa. This past August 16th, two attacks occurred against two news stations in the cities of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. The attackers, presumed to have been a part of the criminal organization Los Zetas, used grenades in both instances. There were no physical injuries reported in either of the events.

This is also the second car bomb to have occurred in Ciudad Victoria in the past month. On August 6th, a car bomb exploded in the rear parking lot of a police station. There were no injuries due to the staff being indoors at the time of the explosion.


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