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9 murdered in 9 hours in Juárez

The following is said to have taken place the week of September 25th.

Police found the bodies of nine people murdered in the span of nine hours in the border state of Ciudad Juarez, México.   Included in the count were a decapitated man and four people who were shot dead in a car.

According to the Chihuahua state attorney general’s spokesman, Vladimir Tuexi, the homicides took place as five separate events. The first incident was registered shortly before one in the morning when three men and one woman were shot to death inside of a car. Approximately forty-eight bullet shells were recovered at the crime scene. About 50 minutes afterwards the homicide of another man, also shoot to death, was reported outside of a bar.

At 7:30 police located the body of yet another man, lying by the side of a highway. The cause of death was not reported.  

Two more bodies were found, wrapped in a blanket, forty minutes later. One of them had been decapitated. At 9:30 in the morning, the ninth victim was found in a car. He was a custodian.


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