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6 Policemen Released on Bail in Nuevo Leon

Six policemen arrested during the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA)’s operation in Nuevo Leon were released on bond payments in the amount of 17 thousand 792 pesos each.

Yesterday, for lack of evidence, the Third Criminal Court judge, Alfredo Cazares, refused to grant the arrest warrants for bribery and organized crime for Amador Medina Flores, Monterey’s Minister of Roads and Transit and former head of the Police Regia; Fernando Torres and Cuevas, owner of Escobedo Public Security, and Jose Santos Ornelas Almaraz, also secretary of this branch in Guadeloupe.

These three commanders are part of the group of 90 city and state elements arrested in the operations launched two weeks ago to capture agents on a Gulf Cartel narcolista .

Besides not issuing these arrests warrants, the judge denied warrants for 22 municipal police forces for lack of evidence as well.

A source linked to the case said that the only evidence the prosecution brought against the now former state police chiefs and the 22 soldiers was that their names appeared on the narcolista as recipients of amounts ranging from 3 thousand to 20 thousand pesos.

The judge did grant arrest warrants for 65 police officers, including Luis Humberto Vargas Flores, Secretary of Public Security, Traffic and Civil Protection of Allende, and four directors, whose names were not given.

Liberan a 6 policías de NL; pagan fianzaReforma June 15, 2009.

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