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56,566 undocumented immigrants detained in México

FOTO: MSN Latino

11/02/10 – The National Migration Institute (Instituto Nacional de Migración – INM) reported that in the first nine months of this year they have detained 56, 566 undocumented immigrants in México, all of whom were sent to immigration holdings in order to carry out the repatriation process. The majority (95%) come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, while the remainder (5%) consists of Cubans, Nicaraguans, Indians and Colombians. The Institute also detailed that the majority of Central American immigrants were detained in six states: 19, 466 immigrants were detained in Chiapas ; 10,884 in Tabasco; 3,916 in Oaxaca; 973 in Campeche; 288 in Quintana Roo, and 134 in Yucatán.

During the second half of October, 506 foreigners were detained, of which 124 were located in the vicinity of the railway that connects Southern and Northern México, while the rest were detained during transport by human traffickers in public transport vehicles. According to the INM, in order to protect the emigrants they implement a great number of operations in the central and southern areas of the country to detect the routes frequently used by traffickers in a timely manner.


Mejía, Gerardo. “Van 56 mil migrantes repatriados: INM.”  El Universal. 02 Noviembre, 2010.


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