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49 police officers trained for new judicial penal system in Tijuana

05/16/11 – Tijuana recently took steps to continue implementing the New Penal Justice System in Baja California when 49 Tijuana Municipal Police agents completed two courses that focused on developing their responsibilities and duties under Mexico’s new oral trials. According to El Informador de Baja California, the classes- “The Penal Process of Oral Trials” and “Strengthening Police Action”- were completed over a two-week span at the Professional Preparatory and Training Institute (Instituto de Capatación y Adiestramiento Profesional, ICAP) in Tijuana.

The 49 graduated Municipal Police add to the increasing number of public officials in Tijuana that have finished the mandatory courses. According to the Secretary of Municipal Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Municipal, SSPM), this addition brings the total in 2011 to 377, and to 874 since July 2010.  In April alone, 106 police agents took the classes. In addition to police forces, 84 firefighters have also passed the courses, of which 26 graduated in April.

Such training and education is part of the nationwide effort in Mexico to implement the 2008 judicial reforms that focus on a switch to oral trials in place of Mexico’s previously used written trials. Additionally, added the SSPM, such trainings are used to continually evaluate the police forces and public officials. “It affirms the promise that the SSPM upholds to professionalize each and every member of the Municipal Police in the city [Tijuana],” writes Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias.


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