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2010 Marks a New Record for Corrupt Acts Reported by the Mexican Government

03/10/11 – According to Transparency International, the number of corruption cases that have been reported across the globe have tripled within the past four years.  The head of the “Secretaría de la Función Pública (SFP)” (Mexican Ministry of Public Administration) Salvador Vegas Casillas has stated that for Mexico, 2010 marks a new record for the number of reported government corruption cases.  1,778 cases were reported, which is a 1,432% increase compared to the 116 cases in 2009.  During the National Industrial Conference 2011, Vegas Castillas reported that in 2006 SFP documented 25 accusations of corruption; in 2007 there were 30; a year later the cases dropped to 24; in 2009 the cases rose to 116; and finally in 2010, 1,778 individuals had been reported.  He says that not a week goes by where the ministry detects fraudulent cases. The “Encuesta de Fraude en México,” a survey created by an organization called KPMG that deals with audit, tax, and advisory services, has revealed that in the private sector, 3 out of every 4 companies in Mexico have reported some type of internal corruption.  Transparency International also stated that every year Mexico spends approximately 27 billion in fraudulent transactions.

Vegas Casillas has emphasized the need to create a zero tolerance policy in Mexico that will be imprinted in the minds of members of society.  Vegas Casillas wants to ultimately strive for a type of culture that discourages illegal activity and promotes ethical behaviors.  He suggests that the best way to do it is to start with education in homes, school and at work, especially in the form of trainings for individuals who work for large companies.  The Federal Executive has proposed an initiative to punish Mexican citizens who commit fraudulent actions outside of the country, as well as foreigners who commit fraudulent activities with the Mexican government.  Vegas Casillas states that with these types of behaviors, Mexico can eventually become a leader for combating fraud and corruption by setting an example to create firm and effective legislation to punish those who commit these type of crimes.


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