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19 are murdered in drug rehabilitation center; President Calderón condemns the attack

Thursday night, at around 11:00pm local time, an armed group of individuals entered a drug rehabilitation center in Ciudad Juaréz, Chihuahua, and killed 19 people. All of the 19 individuals were patients at the “Fe y Vida” (“Faith and Life”) rehabilitation center. Unconfirmed reports state that four others were critically injured.

Witnesses estimate that nearly 30 individuals took part in the attack. The armed group forced the patients to lie down on their stomachs for the execution. Written messages left by the group accused the patients of being criminals. Local authorities state that the attackers were armed with high caliber assault rifles. President Felipe Calderón, who was in South Africa for the inauguration of the FIFA World Cup, condemned the “barbaric” attack and emphasized his stance on fighting organized crime in Mexico.


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