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15 Tijuana Officers Suspended Over Strip Tease Video

06/08/11 – A Tijuana police chief and 15 other officers were suspended after a video surfaced that showed the officers receiving a strip tease from a detained woman. The incident occurred on March 2, but authorities did not find out about what had occurred until mid April.  The video was then made public in May when Tijuana news source El Mexicano was able to get a copy of the tape and in turn release it.  The 15 officers and their chief, who was identified as Víctor Manuel de la Cruz, were serving in the Presa Rural district.

Although nothing has been confirmed, the video shows the police officers allegedly forcing a young woman to perform a topless lap dance in exchange for her release.  It is unclear why she was detained, but a man who was accompanying her had been detained earlier for having 25 doses of crystal methamphetamine in his possession.  Laughter and yelling can be heard in the background of the tape as officers pressure the woman to stand on top of a table and dance for them half naked.   The San Diego Red reported that still photos from the video show at least one officer groping a half-naked woman.  San Diego Red also revealed that the city’s public safety secretary, Gustavo Huerta, announced it was one of the officers being investigated who reported the incident.


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