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INTERPOL collaboration on the rise


Ronald K. Noble, Secretary General of the International Police (INTERPOL), visited the installations of the Center for intelligence and Command Center for the Federal Police. He was accompanied by the Secretary of Public Security, Genaro García Luna. Both assured that the confidence between both institutes is at an all time high despite last years arrest of Ricardo Gutiérrez Vargas, who was the head of Mexico’s INTERPOL office and had connections to the Sinaloa Cartel. Noble said that his capture was opportune and did not affect the archives of the institution.

Ronald K. Noble commented, “The relationship between Mexico and INTERPOL, between the Secretary and I, The federal Police and the world Police, is very strong. He also guaranteed that the Secretariat of Public Security counts on the most modern equipment in data registration on crime, going as far as to say, “…the identification system of Mexico is the most modern system that I have seen, and I have visited 129 countries that are members of Interpol.”

Since September of 2008, Mexico exchanges information online on criminals, stolen car, and human trafficking through the system “Plataforma México”. Through this same process Mexico submits and receives information on 189 countries. Genaro García Luna announced that by 2010, Mexico and Interpol will have an “archive” of reported “stolen passports” utilized by organized crime for the laundering of money and other illicit activities.

It was reported that last year alone there where 40,000 “searches” in the INTERPOL database. This year, that number rose exponentially to 4 million 700,000 “searches” used for data collection or consultations about likely crimes.


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