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110 dead from swine flu

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Mexico City officials stated today that another seven deaths attributed to the swine flu were recorded today.  This raised the total amount of deaths in Mexico City to 22 and 110 in the entire country.  The government is also thanking citizens for taking their precautions seriously, such as wearing face masks and avoiding large crowds, but ask those who are showing symptoms to immediately go to a hospital.

Symptoms of this A/H1N1 strain of the flu include: fever, cough, muscle pains, eye irritation, and a headache.  The mayor issued a maximum alert to companies so they can examine their protocols and see if they can take any other precautions to avoid the spread of the flu.

Authorities closed all schools in Mexico until May 6th in hopes of curbing the spread of the flu.  “We don’t know how long it will last because it’s the first time we’ve seen an epidemic like this,” Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordoba Villalobos said. “Until there’s a consistent reduction — and by that I mean a week, not a day or two — will we be able to say the problem is disappearing.”

EFE, 4/27/09

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